Sunday, 24 November 2013

It takes the right mindset!

Relocating can be the most wonderful experience ever with great new opportunities or it can be a nightmare. Some of it is out of your control but some of it is to do with mindset. When I was a little girl my grandfather drew a chalk line on the ground and asked me to walk along it. I did it easily. Then he took me to a wall and asked me if I could walk along the top. The bricks’ width easily allowed for my feet but up a few feet I was much more cautious and a little unsteady. He told me that what he was asking me to do was really just the same but because it was not familiar I was getting doubts in my mind. Relocating to a new place is a little bit like walking along that brick wall: if you start doubting yourself and worrying about what ‘might’ happen you will not have an easy time.

When you relocate many of the things you are fearful of you have probably done before: applying for jobs, finding a suburb to suit you, finding a home, opening a bank account, buying a car and making friends. You know you have done these things before but do yourself a favour and do all the research before you arrive. Spend time understanding what your options are, how you go about it, make a file of resource sites to assist you. If you need to find employment , for example, check out all the employment sites listed on the Elite Executive Services helpful links. costs you nothing to post your CV and takes only a few minutes. If you need to find a suburb, then look at the maps and information  on the Relocation Guides. If you want information abut education then check the same Relocation Guides or look at websites such as which also has a wealth of other information. Keep focused and don’t get too distracted with a lot of the ‘noise’ you find on forums. Use information which has been presented by experts.

There is no guide for finding new friends but if you find yourself in a suburb with likeminded people who enjoy the kind of activities you value, and you throw yourself into what is happening in the community, you will find those friendships do develop naturally. Put yourself out there and know that people respond to a friendly smile and a willingness to embrace a new culture.

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