Friday, 8 February 2013

How easy is it to get a job in Australia?

We are often asked about how easy it is to get a job in Australia and of course so much depends on your experience, your skills and where in Australia you want to be. The resource sector is still booming although less demand from Asia and lower commodity prices have certainly slowed demand down. Within the oil and gas industry, there is a huge demand for the right people, particularly for engineers and those skilled in technical trades. Western Australia and the Northern Territory are keen to accept newcomers who can assist with their skills shortage. With a background in finance and particularly insurance there is a general feeling that there will be forthcoming opportunities. If your background is in IT, again there are always opportunities here.  There will also be opportunities which would be utterly unexpected. The Australian Government is apparently looking for a thousand taxi drivers from Greece to come to sort out the taxi driver shortage in Melbourne! To get some ideas about applying for jobs in Australia check out the free app Applocation Australia in the section on Employment or look at