Monday, 20 July 2015

Doing Business in Australia

This week our business Elite Executive Services became one of the winners in the Telstra Business Awards.  

The win was a win for our remarkable team and was a huge validation of the work we do supporting  companies, their  employees and individuals in the world of relocation. 

The Telstra Business Awards are a marathon for any business but a huge learning exercise. The entry covers every aspect of business, challenges any complacency but most importantly makes you feel very good when you confirm that you have been doing things well! 

There were thousands of entries in each state and each entrant received a business health check to learn from: that means that many thousands of businesses have been given solid advice about where they stand and how they can improve. 

This is a sensational initiative and even if a small proportion of those who entered take on the advice it will lead to an upturn in their fortunes. Very Australian: giving people a fair go.  It led me to think about the advantages of starting a business in Australia compared to many other countries around the globe. Business owners are given a tremendous amount of support compared to many other countries. Government initiatives, grants and advice are available and other business owners are almost always supportive. There are numerous networks and if people see that you are doing what you do well, no matter what size you are, they will support you!

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